premium concrete flooring.


premium concrete flooring.


Who we are

At Enhance Polished Concrete we provide premium concrete flooring to high-end residential and commercial builders, home owners and retail spaces.

Our service, communication, quality and attention to detail mean your project is delivered on time, and on budget the first time with a minimal amount of fuss.

20 years of hands-on experience combined with our knowledge and passion for polished concrete will ensure you get the right guidance and execution throughout your project.

Our aim is to provide you with a unique, timeless and stunning concrete floor combined with a professional and positive experience throughout the process.

We pride ourselves on using the finest machinery, diamond tools and floor products with an emphasis on water-based products that are environmentally responsible.

What We Do

Mechanically-Polished Concrete

Our premium product with your choice of minimal, medium or full exposure of aggregate cuts. The surface of your concrete floor is transformed by chemically hardening and polishing with plastic-bonded diamond tools underneath our three phase planetary grinders.

Matte, satin and highly-reflective finishes can be tailored to your selection in combination with our penetrating sealer to give you a low maintenance, smooth, hard and easy-to-clean floor with NO topical coatings.

Alfresco-Style Polished Concrete

The perfect choice for your outdoor undercover entertaining areas that require a surface that can be cleaned with a mop—but not too slippery!

Flows seamlessly from your internal polished concrete to outside and matches perfectly with your choice of minimal, medium or full exposure of aggregate grinds. A matte or satin finish is achieved as these floors are kept to the lowest grit of diamond to ensure some slip resistance in conjunction with penetrating sealers.

Honed Concrete

The most slip-resistant finish we offer for external applications with ease of maintenance and cleaning. The best choice for areas that are not covered over and exposed to the elements.

Minimal, medium and full exposure grinds which are de-scratched and sealed with penetrating sealers to give you a seamless finish that is hard wearing. New or existing honed concrete footpaths, pool decks and driveways provide you with a safe, slip-resistant surface that compliments all exterior styles.

Floor Preparation & Industrial Finishes

We can prepare your concrete for new surfaces, remove and clean adhesives, hone and smooth washed aggregate, and level uneven floors with our dry, dustless grinding machinery and dust extractors—leaving your project with a clean surface ready for after trades.

With 20 years of experience in industrial epoxies we can provide your next project with top quality, locally-sourced epoxy roll coats and levellers if you require a very hard-wearing finish that will be durable for many years.



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